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Rooms in the centre of San Vito Lo Capo

Rooms in the centre of San Vito Lo Capo

The rooms of Cala Mancina are located in the centre of San Vito Lo Capo, a few steps from the sea and just 850 metres from Piazza Santuario.
One-room, two-room, three-room apartments but also a guesthouse and duplex guesthouse ensures guests numerous comforts, fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, free wi-fi internet connection, mini-bar, telephone, TV with satellite channels, a bathroom with a shower and hairdryer.
All in a modern village with swimming pool, a Mini-club, bar plus a swimming pool for adults and children.
And a few steps from the heart of the seaside village: the main square can be easily reached on foot along Via Eboli towards Via Calamancina, Via Faro, Via Fratelli Maculati, Via Savoia.
Here, it overlooks the fortress sanctuary dedicated to San Vito martyr, the patron saint of the town. Built for the first time during the fourteenth century and subjected to subsequent modifications during the fifteenth century, the sanctuary is the largest of the local churches.
Inside, there is also a museum that houses statues, lithographs, canvases, oleographic prints, devotional objects and contemporary works.

Rooms in the centre of San Vito Lo Capo, near Via Savoia

From Cala Mancina we can also easily reach Via Savoia, the centre of San Vito Lo Capo for nightlife and shopping.
It is the street with the most shops and boutiques, the heart of local shopping. Also perfect for pleasant walks or to taste local products and specialties in one of the many restaurants.
Reference point especially during the summer evenings, when it is full of street artists, music and stalls full of original artefacts.
A short distance away is Via Venza, the cultural living room of the village.
Also on the territory, during the summer period, the most anticipated events of the year take place: the Cous Cous Fest and Bagli, Olio e Mare.

Rooms in the centre of San Vito Lo Capo, near the port

Located in the heart of the seaside village, the rooms of Cala Mancina allow you to quickly reach other points of interest in the area:
• Capo San Vito lighthouse: 1.2 km;
• Chapel of Santa Crescenzia: 4.8 km;
• Piana dell'Egitarso: 4.9 km;
• Tonnara del Secco: 6.8 km;
• Santa Margherita Bay: 8 km;
• Macari viewpoint: 8 km;
• Monte Cofano: 25.7 km;
• Zinagaro Oriented Nature Reserve: 47.2 km.
For your holidays choose Cala Mancina and book one of its rooms in the centre of San Vito Lo Capo.

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